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What are Ice Cream Rolls made of? Famous Thai Ice Cream Rolls

Rolled ice cream – also known as stir-fried ice cream – is an incredible frozen dessert that is now extremely popular all over the world. Keen to know more? Who wouldn’t be! Read on to discover everything you’ve ever wanted to know about how Bubba ice cream rolls are made.

What are ice cream rolls?


Rolled ice cream is the best thing ever. Seriously. It’s an unbelievably delicious frozen dessert that is made up of a mixture of cream, milk, sugar and pretty much any flavour you can dream of – the possibilities are endless. After being flash-frozen on a special metal pan, the mixture is rolled up into beautiful spirals and stacked vertically in a cup to serve. Additional toppings are optional, but highly recommended in our opinion. Caramel sauce, crushed biscuits or fresh fruit, anyone?


Where did ice cream rolls come from?


Rolled ice cream originated in Southeast Asia, with Thailand often getting the credit for inventing the sensational sweet treat (that's where we discovered it!). It’s also common in other countries, including Malaysia and the Philippines, and can be found across the globe. Here in the UK, Pan-n-Ice were one of the first companies to pioneer the innovative ice cream trend.

How are ice cream rolls made?


Most of us in the UK are familiar with traditional ice cream, which is made ahead of time and stored in a freezer, before being served in scoops taken directly from a tub. Sure, it’s tasty – but a bit boring, if we’re honest. Ice cream rolls are a lot more exciting than that – they’re made fresh to order, by hand, right in front of your beautiful eyes.


To make ice cream rolls, super cold flat metal pans are used – and when we say super cold, we mean -30° (so really, really, ridiculously cold). The ice cream base is poured onto these, along with any other ingredients you like ­– it could be strawberries and meringue, or chocolate and biscuits. The mixture is then sliced and diced using metal spatulas to fuse the flavours together and introduce air, for a lighter texture. Finally, the flavour-packed blend is flattened into a rectangle and separated into strips, before finally being rolled up into spirals – and voila! Beautiful ice cream rolls!


Do ice cream rolls taste different to traditional ice cream?


Yes – and we think they’re better (even if we do say so ourselves). The texture of rolled ice cream is slightly different to traditional ice cream. As it’s not churned by a machine, but is instead mixed by hand directly on the freezing pans, less air is introduced into the mixture. This can result in a slightly denser texture and a more intense flavour. As the rolls are thin, they’re still easy to eat and have that irresistible melt-in-the-mouth sensation.


One of the (many) wonderful things about ice cream rolls is their versatility – they can be made using any ingredient you like, and as they’re made fresh to order, you can choose your flavour right there and then, on the spot!


How does a rolled ice cream machine work?


Rolled ice cream machines have a special metal plate, which is cooled down via a refrigeration mechanism to below freezing. This provides a smooth, cold, food-safe surface on which to create the ice cream blend.


Rolled ice cream carts are generally fairly small, making them easy to transport. At Pan-n-Ice, our machines require 1x1m of space per cart, and 2 plug sockets (we need 1 plug socket for each pan and we typically bring 2 pans per cart). Good quality rolled ice cream machines will cool down quickly once they’re turned on to allow for a quick and easy set up – we require just 25 minutes from arrival to an event to start making magic!


Which milk is used in an ice cream roll?


Condensed milk and double cream both work brilliantly in an ice cream roll base. The base mixture needs to be freezable yet pliable (to allow it to be rolled up properly) and, of course, it should taste rich, creamy and delicious. If you’re looking for a vegan option, coconut milk works well as it has a good amount of fat, which will help to give a great texture and flavour.


The exact quantities of our Pan-n-Ice signature bases are a carefully guarded secret that we’ve perfected over the years – shhh! – but we can tell you that we offer either a dairy cream base or a vegan coconut milk base mix.

Is rolled ice cream gluten free?


Ice cream rolls certainly can be gluten-free, but it depends on the base mix and ingredients used – obvious ingredients that you should check include items such as biscuits, which are normally made with wheat.


It’s worth noting that the same pan will often be used for many different orders, so there’s a possibility of cross-contamination from gluten-containing ingredients that might be used for other flavours. If you have a severe allergy, ask the staff at the ice cream parlour for their advice – they should be happy to assist you.


Where can I get ice cream rolls?


We’re so glad you asked! You can visit one of our Pan-n-Ice parlours – we’d love to meet you! Find your nearest location on our parlours page.


If you’re planning an extra-special event, you can also book us to cater for your guests. We have provided our stunning ice cream rolls for all kinds of occasions including weddings, private parties, festivals, corporate events, office parties and so the list goes on. At Pan-n-Ice we love a party, and we offer all kinds of personalization options from the flavours on your menu to putting your branding on our carts, cups and uniforms. Read more about our rolled ice cream catering services.