When does the ice cream mix expire?
All of our ice cream mixes have approximately 4-5 months shelf life from purchase
Does the ice cream mix need to be refrigerated?
The ice cream mix does not need to be kept refrigerated before it's opened. However, we do recommend putting your ice cream mix in the fridge for 24 hours before use to ensure the pan stays colder for longer during use.
How long does the ice cream mix last once opened?
The mix lasts approximately 3 days, but must be kept in the fridge once opened
How many ice cream rolls does each mix make?
Each carton makes approximately 10-15 ice cream roll portions
How long does the plate need to go in the freezer for?
The plate should be put in the freezer for a minimum of 24 hours before use. Please lay it upside down and flat, ensure your freezer is set to max coldness
How many ice cream rolls can you make before you have to freeze the plate again?
You can make approximately three sets of ice cream rolls. This can vary depending on how fast you are, which ingredients you choose and the temperature of the room you are using the pan in
Can I use milk and cream, instead of your mix?
We have tried and tested a variety of options, but found our mix to be the best option to use for the most delicious experience. You can buy it here
Is your ice cream mix gluten free?
Yes, both our original vanilla and our coconut mix is gluten free
Is your ice cream mix vegan?
Our original vanilla flavoured Pan-n-Ice mix is not vegan, however we provide a delicious vegan option here
Is your ice cream mix nut free?
Our original vanilla flavoured Pan-n-Ice mix is nut free, as is our vegan mix
Is your ice cream dairy free?
Our original vanilla flavoured Pan-n-Ice mix is not dairy free, but our vegan mix is dairy free. You can buy it here
My ice cream won't roll, what should I do?
Ensure you have set your freezer to max and refrigerate your ice cream mix before using. Our handy YouTube tutorials are great for beginners!
Can I buy the Pan-n-Ice cups online?
Yes! Head to our extras section to buy our cups
Can I create a bespoke box with my selected treats?
At the moment we do not offer this service, as all of our boxes are pre-packed. However, it is definitely something we are aiming to bring to you in 2021, watch this space!
Do you offer any discounts?
We currently only have a discount available for NHS key workers, please send us a copy of your NHS work pass to receive this discount. You can do this via our live chat function at the bottom of the page
Where are you based?
We are a UK business, based in London
Do you have parlours in the UK?
Yes we have two parlours, one in Westfield London (Shepherd's Bush) and one in Selfridges Manchester
How much are your shipping costs?
If you pop your address details and the items you'd like to purchase into the checkout page, it will update the shipping costs relevant to your basket

How long does shipping take?

Shipment takes approximately 3-5 working days
Have another question?
Please contact us via our live chat function (pink bubble in the right hand corner) on the website and we will be happy to help.

Thank you and happy rolling!



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