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Say "I Do" to Pan-n-Ice Making Your Wedding Day Unforgettable

Are you planning for your big day and looking for a unique touch to make your celebration truly unforgettable? As the song goes, love is sweet and we believe that your wedding day should be too! At Pan-n-Ice, we offer a touch of sweet elegance that perfectly mirrors the joy of your wedding.

Who Are We?

At Pan-n-Ice, we are an enthusiastic team of ice cream lovers on a mission to spread joy and kindness, one roll at a time. Founded in Thailand, we've brought the exotic dessert of ice cream rolls to the UK, giving it a delightful twist. Over the years, we've grown into a beloved brand, recognised for our commitment to quality, creativity, and unforgettable customer experiences.

What Do We Do?

We are more than just ice cream rolls - we offer experiences that engage the senses and create lasting memories. Our offerings include live ice cream roll demonstrations, personalised flavour choices, custom monogram stencils, catering services, frozen cocktails, full cocktail bar hire and so much more.

Our Experience

Since we began in 2015, we've catered to thousands of events across the UK, from intimate gatherings to grand weddings and corporate galas. We've collaborated with renowned brands and celebrities, and have received rave reviews from happy clients and guests. Every event we cater to is a testament to our experience, expertise, and dedication to making celebrations truly extraordinary.

Bride and groom watching bespoke ice cream rolls made in front of them with customisable menus, cups, flavours and more 2 young girls who are guests of the wedding trying to make their own custom ice cream rolls

Ice Cream Rolls: The Sweetest Part of Your Special Day

Ice cream rolls - an exotic delicacy from the streets of Thailand, beautifully reimagined by Pan-n-Ice for your special day. Handmade live in front of your guests, these visually stunning desserts not only taste heavenly but also serve as an engaging spectacle. Choose from a wide array of flavours, or even better, personalise your own! Want to match your dessert with your wedding colour theme? We've got you covered!

Imagine a dazzling ice cream bar, staffed by our skilled and charismatic Pan-n-Ice rollers, who make your guests' favourite flavours come to life in a symphony of swirls. Our ice cream roll catering service provides an interactive and delightful experience that your guests will remember long after the last dance.

Frozen Cocktails: Adding a Frosty Twist to Your Celebration

At Pan-n-Ice, we bring an exciting twist of frozen cocktails to make your celebration even more memorable. Our range of delectable frozen cocktails, made live, adds a fun and sophisticated element to your event. From a classic Pina Colada to a bold Negroni, we can freeze and serve your favourite cocktail in a way you've never seen before. And for those who prefer non-alcoholic options, we've got delightful mocktails too. So, raise your glasses to a unique and exhilarating frozen cocktail experience!

Bar Hire: Bringing the Pan-n-Ice Experience to You

Want to bring the full Pan-n-Ice experience to your event? Our bar hire service is just the thing for you! We offer a complete setup, including a visually striking bar and a team of our skilled mixologists, all set to entertain your guests. Our bars not only serve the most delectable classic and frozen cocktails but also premium spirits as well as your choice of beers and wine to create a vibrant atmosphere that engages your guests. We cater to venues of all sizes, offering flexibility and customisation to match your event's theme and requirements. With Pan-n-Ice's bar hire service, rest assured, your event will be the talk of the town!

Custom Monogram Stencils: Your Love, Your Logo

Want to make your wedding even more personal? At Pan-n-Ice, we offer custom monogram stencils. These elegant designs can be added to each ice cream roll or frozen cocktail, turning every dessert into a unique emblem of your love. It's the details that make your wedding unforgettable, and what's more unforgettable than a dessert as unique as your love story?

Conclusion: Adding a Touch of Magic to Your Special Moments

Pan-n-Ice is not just about ice cream; we are about creating unforgettable experiences. We infuse creativity, passion, and personalisation into each event we cater to. Whether it's your wedding, corporate event, or any celebration, our ice cream rolls add that magical touch that turns moments into lasting memories. So why wait? Let Pan-n-Ice be a part of your sweet journey. After all, every love story deserves a sweet touch, and we are here to provide just that! Email us today at events@pan-n-ice.co.uk to find out more!