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The Mini Electric Roll Machine is back!

After selling out of our Mini Electric Roll Machines last year and after months in the making, these machines are finally BACK IN STOCK!

You have no idea how long we have been waiting to share this news! The entire team have been working super hard and around the clock to make this launch one of our best yet. From jam-packed shoot days, to endless graphics meetings, we can finally offer this product to our amazing customers!

To those that have already pre-ordered our Mini Electric Roll Machine, you will not be waiting long before these are turning up on your doorstep, ready to get rolling and enjoying some delicious bubba ice cream rolls!

However, if you have not yet treated yourself or someone you love to our brand new rolled ice cream machine, now's your chance! Buy your Mini Electric Roll Machine before they sell out again!

Pan-n-Ice mini electric roll machine making frozen yogurt with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries

And if you thought it couldn't get any better than bubba ice cream rolls, this Mini Electric Roll Machine can be used to make frozen yogurt, sorbets, frozen cocktails and more! We've created an entire recipe booklet full of exciting new creations for you to try or take inspiration from. Want to see it? Order your Mini Electric Roll Machine now!