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The Pan-n-Ice Mini Electric Roll Machine, more than just ice cream rolls!

Create unique and delicious homemade treats, exactly as you want them - from delicious ice cream rolls, frozen cocktails and cooling FroYo to healthy fruit sorbets, acai breakfast bowls and more.

Simply plug the machine in to a household socket, wait 3-5 minutes and off you roll for endless fun for all the family! With no long wait times, our brand new machine turns your frozen base into a creamy treat in under 5 minutes. Indulgent, healthy, keto, vegan or simply dairy free - it's your choice! 

Make ANY flavour, with the option to chop and mix in your own sweet treats from Nutella & Biscoff ice cream to fresh fruit in your frozen cocktails or yoghurt!

The Pan-n-Ice Mini Electric Machine simply plug in and play! - Ice Cream, Cocktails, Acai Bowls, Smoothie Bowl, Healthy Ice Cream, Sorbets & more...

The machine is wipe clean and easy to use for all ages!

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    Introducing our brand new MINI ELECTRIC PAN for endless ice cream rolls! Bringing our event experience straight to your home, for good!

    We wanted to design a Pan that allows you to make more ice cream rolls than ever before. With these Pans, the fun is endless, no matter the time, day or week, just simply plug the Pan in to a normal household socket, and you'll be ready to roll in minutes!

    The Pans are great for parties, gatherings or just if you fancy perfecting your ice rolling skills to get as good as our parlour team!
    Please note you need to add our delicious ice cream mix to this plate - please head to our ice cream page here to choose dairy or vegan. You can also make delicious frozen cocktails, frozen Acai bowls, sorbets and more with our handy recipe booklet included.





    How to use

    Step 1. Plug in your machine and turn it on by pressing the button on the front. Wait 5 minutes before using it.

    Step 2. Place chosen ingredients in the middle of the ice roll plate and pour 50ml/1.7 fl oz of Pan-n-Ice mix in a circle around the ingredients.

    Step 3. Chop and mix the ingredients of your rolled ice cream recipe together until the texture is thick and smooth with no big lumps.

    Step 4. Evenly spread the combined mix across the plate.

    Step 5. Once the mix looks dry and frozen (not wet), start at one end and use the spatula to carefully roll forward into ice cream rolls. Enjoy!

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