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Kids Birthday Parties catering with Pan-n-Ice


When it comes to birthday parties, it can be hard to find the perfect activity that’ll make all the little guests smile. That’s where Pan-n-Ice comes in! We’re here to bring a smile to your kids’ faces and make their birthday party an unforgettable experience.

Why Us? 

At Pan-n-Ice, we believe that ice cream should be a special experience, not just restricted to taste. That’s why our fully trained team provides a 1-2 hour ice cream catering experience, where the children can even have a go at making their very own ice cream rolls. Not only that, but our personalised carts, cups, and menus will add a unique touch to the celebration, making it a day they’ll never forget.

What we offer

Our kids' birthday party catering services include:

  • 1-2 hours of catering, with fully trained professionals
  • A fun and unique experience for your guests, with children able to try making their own ice cream rolls 
  • Personalised carts, cups and menus
  • allergen -friendly options 
  • Suitable for ages 5+ and only £29.99 per head for a lifetime of memories!

And thats not all! We also offer:

  • Crepes and waffles, for a sweet and tasty treat
  • Popcorn for a classic snack
  • Chocolate fountain for a decadent dessert 
  • And anything else you may want, just let us know and we’ll make it happen! 


So, if you’re looking for the perfect activity for your kids’ birthday party, look no further! With Pan-n-Ice, you’re guaranteed a fun-filled and memorable experience for both you and your guests. So, let’s make some ice cream memories together!