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An Unforgettable Adventure with Pan-n-Ice's Ice Cream Cart Hire

Hello there, frozen dessert lovers and chocoholics alike! Here at Pan-n-Ice we're not just your everyday ice cream company; we create fun event experiences. 


Who is Pan-n-Ice?

Let's start by breaking the ice (cream)! Pan-n-Ice is not your average ice cream vendor. We're a brand that lives and breathes ice cream, giving it our unique spin (quite literally!). We've dedicated our craft to creating delightful ice cream rolls from our unique carts, designed to steal the spotlight at any gathering. This didn't happen overnight, of course. We've spent countless hours perfecting our art, one roll at a time, to bring you the most exciting ice cream hire experiences ever.


What Do We Do?

Life is too short for boring ice cream, and so we’re on a mission to bring the excitement back to delicious frozen desserts. At Pan-n-Ice, we've devoted ourselves to the art of ice cream cart hire, where we bring you an endless selection of ice cream roll flavours straight from our carts. No event is too grand or too small for us. From weddings to bar mitzvahs, corporate functions to music festivals, our cart and ice cream roll become the life of any party.


You see, what we offer isn't just ice cream - it's an experience, from picking your flavours, to watching our ice cream rollers through to enjoying your very own frozen delight. It's about creating joyous memories around something as simple and universally loved as ice cream.

Man and woman serving ice cream to customer at a corporate event

Why Choose Pan-n-Ice?

In the quest for the ideal ice cream cart hire service, the qualities that elevate Pan-n-Ice above the rest can be summed up in three words: Service. Customisation. Branding.


We take pride in our unparalleled service, perfected over years of working with big brands like Google, Gymshark, Harrods, Amazon, and more. Our team is committed to ensuring that each client receives the best experience, from the initial conversation to the final ice cream roll. We understand that your event is unique, and we tailor our services to fit your needs perfectly.


A key part of our service is the potential for customisation. With Pan-n-Ice, you aren't limited to a pre-set list of options. We believe in the power of choice and offer a dazzling array of options for ice cream rolls, with an assortment of flavours and toppings. Our team is always ready to create a unique experience for your event. 


But the customisation doesn't stop at the menu. We offer a fully branded experience, designed to reflect your style or corporate identity. Our ice cream cart, cups, spoons, even our menus can be designed to match your branding, creating a seamless aesthetic that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.


Choosing Pan-n-Ice means opting for a service that blends quality, variety, and fun with a professional approach, solid experience, and a commitment to personalising your experience down to the finest detail. With Pan-n-Ice, you're not just choosing an ice cream cart hire - you're choosing a partner dedicated to making your event unforgettable.


ice cream rolls


In Conclusion...

From the mouthwatering selection of flavours to the convenience and charm of our ice cream cart hire, Pan-n-Ice promises to make your ice cream dreams come true. We're here to add that cool, creamy touch to your event, or to offer you a memorable ice cream experience when the craving strikes. So the next time you're in the mood for a frozen treat, or need something special to make your event unforgettable, email us at events@pan-n-ice.co.uk for more information. Enjoy the ultimate ice cream adventure, where every flavour tells a story, and every roll is a delight waiting to be discovered.