Pan-n-Ice x Netflix

Pan-n-Ice Collaborates with Netflix to Bring Stranger Things Flavours to Life

Pan-n-Ice teamed up with Netflix on an exciting project to bring the flavours of Hawkins to life, inspired by the hit series Stranger Things. As part of this collaboration, we introduced four limited edition ice cream flavours, drawing inspiration from Scoops Ahoy, the nautical-themed ice cream parlour in Starcourt Mall. We also embarked on an exciting ice cream truck tour, visiting major cities across the UK for two weeks.

Kicking off on Stranger Things Day, celebrated by fans of the series, our truck tour started at Outernet London, a prime Central London location where the public and fans alike could indulge in these unique treats.

From concept development and product design to project execution, our teams collaborated seamlessly to ensure every detail was perfect. We aimed to provide an immersive and engaging experience, transporting visitors into the world of Starcourt Mall at every stop of our tour.

Images: STRANGER THINGS TM/© Netflix. Used with permission.

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