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What is Rolled Ice Cream?

Bubbas, have you ever wondered what rolled ice cream actually is? Well, now you can have your answer!

We get you must be curious to hear the answer but the real question you should be asking yourself is: Why would I have my ice cream another way but rolled?

Pan-n-Ice bubba ice cream rolls with Oreo, Nutella, Strawberries, raspberries, chocolate and fresh fruit

First things first, Pan-n-Ice is an ice cream roll company that was founded in 2015 by Henry (you may have seen him at one of our parlours, most recently with a tripod sellotaped around him - we take filming our social content very seriously!). Personally, we think It should be a crime that it took that long for the UK to offer such a delicious dessert if you ask us. Hopefully after reading this you feel like an expert in the art, or at least provides you with the much needed information you were after.

Now Bubbas, time for the facts. The way we achieve the perfect ice roll is by using our ice plates to start to freeze the Pan-n-Ice cream mix before spreading this out into a “perfectly neat” (we try our best, that’s all that matters surely?) rectangle. Now for the tricky part. The trick is to push your spatula (I’m talking to the bubbas that are reading this whilst making their own ice cream rolls at home on our DIY kits) quite firmly at a 45 degree angle from the pan. This should then create a curl that will continue rolling along your pan, creating the “perfect” roll (A roll is still a roll, practice makes perfect, trust me). 


Pan-n-Ice bubba ice cream rolls on our ice cream cart hire for events

So there you have it, your question finally answered. I bet you didn’t know it was that easy to create our tasty parlour creations from the comfort of your own home! If you do try our DIY kits, please tag us, we are always excited to see what ice cream rolls you create! Better yet, if you have been eyeing up one of our kits, we've teamed up with Klarna so you can roll now and pay later! There's no better time to grab your own DIY kit and put your skills to the test!

Pan-n-Ice x Klarna pay later

Now that’s done, I might go make some ice cream rolls myself, all this talk has got me hungry!

Pan-n-Ice bubba ice cream rolls on our ice cream cart hire for events