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Summer of Sport with Pan-n-Ice Events

Summer 2024 is already shaping up to be an extraordinary season for sport enthusiasts in the UK. With the UEFA Euros, Olympics and Wimbledon Tennis Championships all taking center stage. It’s the perfect time to gather with colleagues, friends and family for unforgettable event experiences and viewing parties. To make these occasions truly special, Pan-n-Ice is here to provide unparalleled experiential catering services, ensuring your celebrations are memorable as the sporting triumphs.

Ice Cream Rolls: A Show-Stopping Treat

No summer event is complete without ice cream, and our signature Instagram-worthy ice cream rolls are a hit at any gathering or corporate event. Made fresh to order on our ice pans, these handcraft sweet treats are not just delicious, but also provide an exciting immersive experience for your guests. Our talented staff will roll your chosen flavours into beautiful tasty treats that everything will love!

Food Trucks: Gourmet Delights on Wheels

For larger events, our food trucks offer a variety of gourmet options that cater to diverse tastes. From savoury street food to sweet treats, our mobile kitchens bring the culinary magic right to your event. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbeque for the Euros or a sophisticated corporate event for Wimbledon, our food trucks will provide a seamless and delightful dining experience.

Smoothies & Juices: Refreshing and Nutritious

As the summer sun shines bright, keep your guests cool and refreshed with our selection of freshly made smoothies and juices. Bursting with endless flavour and packed with nutrients, these beverages are perfect for recharging during a high-energy sports event. We use only the freshest ingredients to ensure every drink is full of flavour,  a game winning goal.

Cocktails and Canapés: Elegant and Sophisticated

Take your summer sports celebrations one step further with our exquisite cocktails and canapés. Our mixologists craft bespoke cocktails that not only taste amazing but look incredible. Pair these with our delicious canapés, and you have the perfect combination for your planned events.

Slushies: Fun and Frosty

For a playful twist, our slushies are a fantastic addition to any summer event. Available in a variety of flavours, these icy delights are sure to be a hit with guests of all ages. Perfect for cooling down during the heat of the day, our slushies bring a fun and nostalgic vibe to your sports celebrations.

Soft Serve Ice Cream: Classic and Creamy

Our soft serve ice cream is a classic favourite that never goes out of style. Creamy, smooth and endlessly customisable with a range of toppings, it’s an ideal treat for keeping everyone happy. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event gathering, or a large scale event, our soft serve station is a constant crowd pleaser.

Why Choose Pan-n-Ice for Your Summer Sports Events?

At Pan-n-Ice, we pride ourselves on offering more than just food; we provide a memorable experience. Our catering services are designed to add excitement, flavour and a touch of magic to your events. Here are a few reasons why to work with us:

  • Customisation - We can tailor our services to match the theme and scale of your event, ensuring everything aligns perfectly. Additionally, we can customise the experiential catering stations with your branding and other elements including menus, merchandise etc.
  • Quality - We only use the finest ingredients to create our delicious offerings, with guaranteed satisfaction for each sip and bite.
  • Experience - Our professional and friendly team are on hand to bring energy and expertise, to ensure that guests have an unforgettable time during the event.

This summer, make your sports celebrations extraordinary with Pan-n-Ice. From the thrill of the Olympics to the drama of the Euros and the elegance of Wimbledon, we have the perfect catering solutions to complement your event. Contact us today to book our services and ensure this summer is a resounding success.