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Sipping Success: How Iced Coffees Are Revitalising Corporate Events

As the weather warms up, there's nothing quite as refreshing as a cold, invigorating iced coffee. In London, the resurgence of iced coffees has become a staple at corporate events, offering attendees a cool and caffeinated pick-me-up. From classic cold brews to innovative flavours like lavender and ube, iced coffees are taking centre stage in experiential catering, providing a delightful addition to any corporate gathering.

Trending Iced Coffees

Gone are the days of plain old iced lattes. Today's corporate events are embracing a variety of trending iced coffees that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. For those seeking a floral twist, lavender iced coffee offers a delicate aroma and subtle sweetness that's perfect for summer sipping. Alternatively, the vibrant purple hues of ube iced coffee provide a visually stunning and flavourful experience that's sure to impress guests. With endless possibilities for flavour combinations and presentations, iced coffees are becoming a versatile and exciting addition to corporate event menus.

Experiential Catering: Interactive Iced Coffee

Incorporating iced coffees into experiential catering adds a dynamic and interactive element to corporate events. Imagine a sleek and stylish iced coffee cart stationed at your event venue, where guests can customise their drinks with a variety of syrups, milks, and toppings. From traditional espresso-based drinks to trendy matcha lattes served over ice, experiential catering allows guests to indulge their coffee cravings while engaging with the beverage-making process.

On the Move: Iced Coffee Experiences

For a memorable and Instagram-worthy experience, consider hiring an iced coffee cart or truck for your corporate event. These mobile coffee stations provide a convenient and eye-catching focal point, allowing guests to enjoy freshly brewed iced coffees on demand. With skilled baristas crafting artisanal beverages right before their eyes, attendees can savour the taste of quality coffee while socialising and networking with colleagues.

Beyond Coffee: Iced Matcha Rising

While coffee reigns supreme, don't overlook the rising popularity of iced matcha as a refreshing alternative. Made from finely ground green tea leaves, matcha offers a unique flavour profile that's both earthy and energising. Iced matcha lattes, sweetened with a touch of honey or syrup, provide a vibrant and healthful option for guests looking to elevate their caffeine fix.

As corporate events make a comeback, iced coffees are emerging as a must-have addition to experiential catering menus. From trendy flavours like lavender and ube to classic cold brews and refreshing matcha lattes, there's a cold coffee creation to suit every palate. By incorporating iced coffee carts, trucks, and stations into your event planning, you can treat your guests to a memorable and energising experience that's sure to leave them buzzing with excitement. So why settle for lukewarm beverages when you can wow your attendees with the cool and captivating allure of iced coffees?