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Q&A with Henry

It wouldn't feel right to not have a blog dedicated to our very own founder, Henry. We couldn't think of a better way for you to virtually get to know him than by asking some questions, some related to ice cream, others just for your pure entertainment and enjoyment. Without further ado, let's roll (pardon the pun)!

One question we were dying to know was how Pan-n-Ice got its name. And we can imagine quite a few of you were wondering that also, so we got you the answer from Henry himself: “Funnily enough, the name came from a US based company called Ice Pan, except they didn’t roll ice cream the way we do. I honestly just flipped the words around!” - Who would’ve guessed?! Simple, yet effective comes to mind here, wouldn’t you agree?

Pan-n-Ice Founder Henry Milroy

Round number 2: Who makes the best ice rolls in the company? Would you say yourself? - We don’t hold back, we want the juicy gossip! “I wish I could say myself, but that would be lying! I’m probably going to be hated by a lot of my team for saying this but I would have to say the title of best rolls goes to either Jericho or Eve,” ...there goes our chance at winning that title. “Both of their rolls are exceptional, I could never compete with them.”

Moving on to question number three: If you could only eat one flavour of ice rolls for the rest of your life, what would it be? (Quick everyone, take your guesses)...

“The Founders' favourite, obviously!” Well, that’s us told.

Pan-n-Ice Bubba ice cream rolls, Founder's Favourite parlour bubba ice cream rolls made with Ferrero Rocher and salted caramel on a base of melted brownie and Nutella

Moving swiftly on, we wanted to know what a founder of a company could be scared of (except spiders, they are a given). However, Henry’s biggest fear is less arachnid-related, “It would have to be Pan-n-Ice not exceeding my expectations.” Well it only takes looking at how far the company has come since 2015 to see that that is a far off fear, wouldn’t you agree?

This next question is one we are definitely glad we asked, what was Henry’s dream job when he was younger? “I wanted to be an F1 mechanic,”. You can see the resemblance to owning an ice cream company, “As a kid I always loved getting my hands dirty. I frequently used to take apart engines and put them back together just for the sake of it.” Hands up if you can relate to this.

Pan-n-Ice Founder Henry Milroy making bubba ice cream rolls on our ice cream cart for wedding catering

What was your first job then, Henry? “I was a Tennis coach at a kids summer camp. I loved tennis and would play every day, all day, during the summer holidays.” Do what you love and you can’t go wrong!

Now, back to Pan-n-Ice. We asked Henry who his dream celebrity and company was to work/collaborate with or meet - “I would love to work with the Kardashian family. I really believe that our brand and product would really resonate with their audience.” Can’t argue with that. And for the company, “Apple, 100%, I am obsessed with Apple’s story, and just everything about them! They are also very selective about who they work with, therefore if we got an opportunity to associate ourselves with them, it would do wonders for us!” Brb, now imagining what it would be like to say we worked alongside Apple, linking arms with the Kardashian family.

For those who may be interested in starting their own business, do you have highlights that you could share, Henry? “For me, the best thing about starting Pan-n-Ice has been how it has hardened me as a person. Those things that may seem like a huge deal, I now don’t let affect me as much anymore, almost like taking a new perspective on what truly matters to me.” Inspirational.

As a founder of a company, what do you enjoy doing most in your free time, Henry? “Exercise, 100%”, (personally I can’t relate). “I can honestly say that without exercise I would not be able to run Pan-n-Ice,”, again pardon the pun, “It cleans my mind and resets me, which is vital when running a business.”

Pan-n-Ice bubba ice cream rolls being made on our ice cream roll cart Mess That Was Eton parlour flavour with meringue, strawberries and raspberries

Now, for the final two questions, we went for some random ones that no one really needed to know the answer to, but we’ve got them for you anyway. We asked Henry, how much ice cream do you think you’ve eaten since you founded Pan-n-Ice? “I reckon about 100kg.” Okay, so probably about your own weight in ice cream, that’s an achievement in itself!

And finally, would you rather eat one car sized ice cream roll or 1,000 mini ice rolls from our parlours? Drum roll please… “Car sized ice cream roll, easy.” Would you agree?

So we hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about Henry. If there’s anything you still want to know, drop us a message on our socials, we can always pester Henry for more personal information to post on the internet about him - all in aid of entertaining our audience of course!

Pan-n-Ice bubba ice cream rolls