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Premium Ice cream cart hire by Pan-n-Ice

Make any event more memorable with Pan-n-Ice’s premium ice cream cart hire. No matter what you have in mind, we’ll add an exciting, experiential element to any occasion – guaranteed to put smiles on the faces of everyone attending!

We can cater for all kinds of events. We’ve brought our unforgettable ice cream experience to private parties, birthdays, weddings and many other special occasions, as well as working with leading brands to cater for corporate events including product launches, exhibitions and conferences.

Hire a custom ice cream cart for your wedding

Pan-n-Ice hire at a wedding

No matter what you have in mind for your special day, we can help you make it truly memorable with our bespoke hire packages. We know that no two weddings are the same, and we believe that your catering options shouldn’t be any different. With our extensive customisation options, we can create an ice cream experience that’s as unique as you are.

When you hire Pan-n-Ice for your wedding, we’ll work with you to put together a menu that your guests will love. Whether it is centered around a particular ingredient that the happy couple both adore (Nutella, anyone?) or designed to be in-keeping with your wedding theme (such as focusing on floral flavours or a particular colour scheme), we can create ice cream rolls that are truly one of a kind.

Want personalised cups and spoons? No problem. Need to cater for different dietary requirements? We can help. Just get in touch and let us know what you’d like – we’d be happy to help you bring your ideas to life.

What’s included when you hire Pan-n-Ice for your event?

Pan-n-Ice corporate event hire

So what do you get when you hire a Pan-n-Ice ice cream cart? Our carts contain everything that we need to create our delicious ice cream rolls – along with our team of talented chefs who will get set up and start serving at your event.

Each cart includes our premium ingredients (such as fresh fruit, chocolate and biscuits), which are laid out in separate containers at the side of the cart, making it easy for your guests to see what’s on offer and select their own combinations. We also bring our top-secret ice cream mix which we use as a base.

On the left of the cart are our signature -30 pans, which is where the magic happens! Once your guest has chosen their flavour, our chefs take the fresh ingredients and add them to the pan, along with our British dairy cream or vegan base mix. The mixture is sliced and diced together to fuse the flavours before being flattened into a rectangle, ready for rolling. Finally, our chefs will craft into beautiful ice cream rolls.

We’ll also bring along cups and spoons to serve up (just let us know if you’d like them to be customised).

Setting up is easy, speedy and discreet – all we’ll need from you is 1x1m of space and 2 plug sockets per cart (we need 1 plug socket for each pan and we typically bring 2 pans per cart). If you’d like us to bring more pans, we’re happy to oblige – all we need is another 1x1m and 2 plug sockets per 2-pan cart.

Why Pan-n-Ice is better than your standard ice cream cart

Pan-n-Ice partnering up with IBM in Cannes

We offer an interactive and memorable experience compared to run-of-the-mill ice cream carts – with excitement, laughter and fun at the heart of what we do.

Seeing is believing – just watch your guests smile with delight as we transform fresh ingredients into ice cream before their very eyes. Each Pan-n-Ice cart is staffed by our bubbly team members, who are not only highly skilled at handcrafting ice cream rolls, they’re super friendly too! We love sharing our expertise, so if your guests want to try their hand at making their own sweet treats, we’re always happy to show them how.

Arrange your ice cream cart hire now!

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Q: How much does your ice cream roll hire cost?

A: Our prices start at £690 for 50 servings.

Q: What’s included in the cost?

A: Our ice cream roll hire includes everything we need to make delicious ice cream rolls. So that’s our cart and pans, cups and spoons, team of ice cream chefs, and all the premium ingredients that go into the mix.

Q: How long do you take to set up?

A: We only need 25 minutes to set up. We just unload, move our equipment into place, plug in our cart and let it cool.

Q: How long do you serve for?

A: We typically serve for 2.5 hours, depending on what you need.

Q: What do you do with the leftovers?

A: We care about being sustainable and reducing waste, so we never throw away anything that’s not perishable. Because our ice cream is made to order, we can control how much cream we open.

Q: Can you make vegan ice cream rolls?

A: Yep! We use a coconut cream and add flavours like blueberry, matcha and strawberry.

Q: What if I need more ice cream rolls than I ordered?

A: We always bring some extra supplies with us because we know what it’s like when extra guests turn up. If you need to increase your order on the day, and we have enough ingredients, we’re happy to accommodate.

Q: How far in advance do I need to order if I want a branded experience?

A: If you want personalised cups, we need at least 2 weeks’ notice to get these designed for you. For a branded cart and/or menus, we need a minimum of 5 days.

Q: Do you do events outside the UK?

A: Yes, we do. Get in touch and we’ll see if we can help.

Q: How do I book?

A: Fill out our booking form above, or give us a call!

Ready to roll? Get in touch about your event today.