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From Sweet to Savoury: Redefining Pancake Day Celebrations

Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, is a cherished occasion for savouring delightful, fluffy pancakes. This year, spice up your celebration with Pan-n-Ice Events an innovative and exciting way to make Pancake Day extraordinary, featuring both sweet and savoury options. From classic favourites to adventurous combinations, Pan-n-Ice Events offer an inclusive culinary experience suitable for all taste preferences, especially for corporate office experiences.

Elevate your Pancake Day celebrations with a tailored menu of sweet and savoury toppings and mix-ins with Pan-n-Ice.

Why celebrate Pancake Day with Pan-n-Ice?

  • Interactive Fun

Pan-n-Ice Events bring an element of interactivity to your celebration, making it a memorable experience for everyone involved. Guests can engage in the creative process, choosing their ingredients and watching their customized pancakes and ice cream rolls come to life.

  • Versatility

Whether you're hosting a family brunch, an office activation, or a community event, Pan-n-Ice is a versatile choice that caters to diverse tastes. The customisable nature of the experience ensures there's something for every palate, from sweet tooth to savoury connoisseur.

  • Instagram-Worthy Moments

With visually stunning live ice cream rolling and pancake artistry, your Pancake Day celebration is destined to be Instagram-worthy. Encourage guests to share their creations on social media, spreading the joy of your unique and delicious event.

How to book your Pancake Day Event?

  • Book in Advance

Send your enquiry to Pan-n-Ice Events team well in advance for availability on Pancake Day. Visit our website and submit a form to discuss your event requirements.

  • Choose your Menu & Flavours

Complement the Pan-n-Ice experience with a bespoke menu of delicious flavours featuring sweet classics and savoury options. Include a variety of toppings and sides to enhance the overall culinary experience.

  • Capture The Moment & Enjoy!

Assign a designated area for photos and encourage guests to capture the culinary magic. Consider setting up a backdrop with Pancake Day-themed decorations for added flair.

Elevate your Pancake Day with Pan-n-Ice Events, featuring both sweet and savoury options suitable for all tastes. Book your Pan-n-Ice Event today and turn Pancake Day into a sizzling celebration of creativity and indulgence, even perfect for office activations. Immerse yourself in a world of culinary wonder and make this Pancake Day unforgettable.