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Pan-n-Ice Presents: The Fab 5 Summer Flavours That'll Make You Scream for Ice Cream!

Introduction: It’s a Bird...It’s a Plane...It’s Pan-n-Ice!

Hey there, Bubbas! Welcome to the fun loving, wonderful world of Pan-n-Ice - where we’re whipping up more than just your everyday ice cream. We're in the business of creating edible happiness, one fabulously frozen treat at a time.

At Pan-n-Ice, we sprinkle a bit of magic onto every roll. We’re ice cream artists here to spread fun to your event like never before! As we roll into summer, it’s the perfect time to unveil our top 5 flavours that are going to make this summer one to remember!

The G.O.A.T

Kicking off our summer lineup is 'The G.O.A.T' - a chocoholic’s dream so delicious, your guests are sure to come back for more! Picture this: Oreo, Ferrero Rocher, Bueno, and Nutella come together for the greatest flavour combination you’ve ever tried.

person holding ice cream roll to give to customer

The Mess That Was Eton

Next up is 'The Mess That Was Eton', proving that a little mess can be a whole lot of tasty! With strawberry, raspberry, and meringue, it's a British classic with a twist that you’re sure to love!

ice cream roll ice cream roll

Takes Two to Mango

Ever heard of a tango between passionfruit and mango? Well, our 'Takes Two to Mango' is precisely that, a vegan flavour that’s sure to impress! It's the perfect duet of sweet and tangy that'll make you keep coming back for more. Going vegan never tasted so tropical!

Being Kind Makes You Cool

On to 'Being Kind Makes You Cool', because being nice never goes out of style, just like Nutella and strawberries! This power duo teams up to show that sometimes, simple is spectacular. This is one of our most popular flavours that you’re sure to love!

man helping young boy make ice cream roll in the sun

Beautiful Biscoff

Finally, brace yourselves for the 'Beautiful Biscoff'. This flavour has taken the world by storm bringing a cool twist to the classic flavours. Lotus Biscoff and Biscoff spread come together for a sweet combination that’ll make your summer one to remember. It's a biscuit bonanza, the cherry on top of the perfect summer day!


And there you have it, Bubbas! Our Summer Fab 5 are here to add a dash of delicious to your days. Whatever your ice cream flavour of choice, we’ve got something for everyone to enjoy! Throw on those shades, catch some rays, and let's make this summer the most delicious one yet with Pan-n-Ice! Email us today at events@pan-n-ice.co.uk to find out more.