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Pan-n-Ice Events Returns to Cannes

The Cannes Lions Festival is a prestigious event that brings together the brightest minds in the creative industry. This year, Pan-n-Ice had the privilege of returning to Cannes for our eighth year, providing a diverse range of culinary delights. Here’s a rundown of the mouthwatering services we provided.

Slushies: A Refreshing Burst of Flavour

For one of our clients, Klaviyo, we provided a selection of slushies that were a hit among the attendees. Providing a perfect way to cool down in the warm Cannes weather. With a selection of flavours ranging from strawberry daiquiri to margarita, our slushies catered to every palate. The vibrant colours and refreshing taste made them an instant favourite, capturing the essence of summer in a cup, whilst also aligning with the client’s brand colours.

Juices: Freshly Squeezed Goodness

For those seeking a healthier alternative, our freshly squeezed juices were the go-to choice at LinkedIn. We offered a variety of combinations, from detoxifying green juices to revitalising citrus blends. Each glass was packed with nutrients and bursting with natural flavours, providing a refreshing and healthful option for festival-goers. Throughout our activation, our juices were a hit and constantly in demand. We highly recommend this services for anyone looking for healthy refreshments as part of their event activation.

Iced Coffees & Matcha: The Perfect Pick-Me-Up

Our iced coffees were designed to keep attendees energised throughout Cannes for our clients. We crafted smooth, rich iced lattes, mochas and classic iced coffees, made with our premium coffee beans. The perfect balance of strength and sweetness ensured that every sip was a delight, helping to keep energy levels flowing throughout the week. Even our iced matcha lattes went down a treat for Cannes delegates across our client sites.

Cocktails: Artisanal Mixology

We bought a touch of sophistication with our artisanal cocktails. Our expert mixologists created bespoke drinks for our client activations from themed spritz cocktails to blue margaritas and a passion fruit martini bar. Our cocktail menus had something to satisfy every taste, for our clients and their guests.

Printed Macarons: Edible Sweet Treats

Powered by our Ripple machine, we served up a selection of delicious macarons. These delicate confections came in six flavours, but better yet had a personalised touch with designs. They served as a perfect example of how food can be both custom and delectable. We had a beautiful rooftop set-up at the Carlton Hotel.

Ice Lollies: The Ultimate Festival Favour

During the peak of hot weather, nothing was more welcoming than a frozen ice lolly. One of our lovely clients provided a selection of three flavours. We also served paletas, created with fresh fruit which went down a treat. Ice lollies for corporate events during the summer are a great option to distribute at a conference, summer party or even a festival.

Pan-n-Ice’s presence at the Cannes Lions festival was a flavourful success and this is only a snapshot of some of the events we were part of. Our range of offerings ensure that every attendee found something to love, whether they were seeking a refreshing drink, sweet treat or savoury snack. We are proud to have contributed to our client’s activations and the festival’s vibrant atmosphere, bringing a culinary innovation to future corporate events. Here’s to creating more exciting and special event experiences.