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Frozen Cocktail Hire

Introducing Pan-n-Ice Cocktails...

A Frozen Cocktail catering experience like no other!

Pan-n-Ice Frozen Cocktails for events service hire and catering

Are you looking for an incredible drinks experience to impress your guests? Are you keen to leave them with wonderful memories and stunning photos to share to their social media feeds? Well, you're in luck as we can help with that! Pan-n-Ice make irresistible frozen cocktails right in front of your guests’ beautiful eyes.

Let’s get this party started Pan-n-Ice style!

Pan-n-Ice Frozen Cocktail hire for events service catering, including strawberry daiquiris, mango and pineapple

Unlike other mobile bar hire companies, all our mixologists are trained in how to create incredible iced concoctions using our signature -30° pans, which ‘flash-freeze’ the fresh ingredients instantly and transform them into super cool, slushie-style cocktails.

Pan-n-Ice ice cream roll cart hire for bubba ice cream roll catering and service events hire

We pioneered the flash-freeze technique for ice cream with huge success at events and parties for clients including Google, Rolls Royce, Estee Lauder and Karl Lagerfeld – but now we’re turning our skills to the drinks sector.

The Pan-n-Ice experience truly is something you’ll never forget.

We bring our young, fresh, exciting approach to event catering and create memorable moments for you and your guests to savour. Instead of simply mixing cocktails together in a shaker, we provide an engaging, interactive experience with a theatrical flair – it’s like watching a captivating live show, but you get a delicious drink to enjoy afterwards!

Pan-n-Ice Frozen Cocktails events hire, strawberry flavoured frozen cocktails

Pan-n-Ice is not your average mobile cocktail bar hire company. You can book our deliciously different drinks catering for your:

- Product launches
- Exhibitions
- Conferences
- Summer parties
- Christmas parties
- Brand activations
- Festivals
- Weddings
- Birthdays
- Bat/Bar Mitzvahs
- Christenings

Pan-n-Ice frozen cocktails for events hire, passionfruit martini, strawberries and raspberries

So hire Pan-n-Ice Frozen Cocktail hire for your next event! Have your Frozen Ice Cream Cocktails mixed fresh in front of yours and your guests’ eyes!

Whereas some frozen cocktail vendors serve up pre-prepared mixes in various flavours, we create all of our cocktails from fresh ingredients, while your guests watch us work our magic. Here’s how we do it…

Pan-n-Ice frozen cocktails made using our ice cream roll cart for hire and ice cream catering, passionfruit being squeezed onto the ice cream roll cart

Firstly, our super skilled bartenders pour your favourite cocktail ingredients onto our magical ice pans – that might include premium spirits and liqueurs, cream or coconut cream, juices, fresh mint – you name it! Next, we slice and dice the cocktail to gradually freeze the mixture. A mere 30 seconds later, the slushie cocktail is scooped into a glass, garnished, and ready for you to enjoy.

The whole process takes just two minutes from start to finish, and is absolutely mesmerising to watch – your guests are sure to want to film it to share with their social followers! We aim to make every single part of the process enjoyable for your guests, from chatting to our bubbly and smiley team as they place their order, to watching their cocktail being created, and finally sipping on the delicious finished drink. Satisfaction, guaranteed!

Book Pan-n-Ice Frozen Cocktail Hire for your next event here!