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Make frozen cocktails with the original ice roll plate from PAN-N-ICE™ 🍹


  • Easy to use with 4 x Funkin's signature cocktail mixers
  • Reuse your pan over & over again - endless fun for summer
  • Impress guests at your next party!
  • Add delicious toppings to your cocktails including Candy Kitten Sweets and candy floss from Ask Mummy & Daddy!

The Pan-n-Ice x Funkin Frozen Cocktail Pack is a must have!🍹

This amazing collaboration brings together Pan-n-Ice, Funkin, Candy Kittens and many other fantastic brands for you to create out of this world frozen cocktails.

The pack comes with the Pan-n-Ice plate, signature flavours from Funkin, such as Passionfruit Martini and Mojito. It also includes delicious sweet treats such as Candy Kittens toppers, popping candy and sherbet along with lots of accessories for the most mouth-watering cocktails!

NB This kit does not include any alcohol

Whats included in the kit:

- 1 x Ice Roll Plate
- 2 x Pan-n-Ice spatulas
- 1 x Litre of Funkin Pina Colada Mixer
- 1 x Litre of Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri Mixer
- 1 x Litre of Funkin Mojito Mixer
- 1 x 400ml shaker of Funkin Passionfruit Martini
- 2 x Candy Kittens (mixed flavours)
- 1 x Sachet of Popping candy
- 1 x Candy Floss Tub by Ask Mummy & Daddy
- 1 x Sachet of Lovehearts sherbet
- 1 x Bursting Bubbles
- 4 x Neon coloured cups
- 1 x Blue food colouring gel
- 10 x paper straws
- An assortment of cocktail umbrellas & glitter accessories
- PLUS 1 x FREE Pan-n-Ice ice cream roll voucher to use at any of our parlours

Please note, there is no alcohol in this kit, and flavour substitutions may be made when a certain flavour becomes unavailable.

🍹 We aim to ship our kits to you in 1-3 working days🍹

This kit enables you to create frozen cocktails with deliciously sweet toppings!

The sleek design means it can be stored in almost any home freezer without taking up too much space.

How it works?

  • 1)
  • Put the plate inside your freezer for 24 hours (make sure it is set to max...Brrrr!)
  • 2)
  • Pour on the ice cold Funkin cocktail mixture and mix on the plate until slushie
  • 3)
  • Pop in your cup and add all of the sweet toppings you like!





Frozen Cocktail kit with Funkin, Candy Kittens and more.

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Frozen Cocktail kit with Funkin, Candy Kittens and more.

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