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We don't plan on leaving anyone out in trying our super scrumptious, famous ice cream rolls. Whether you cannot have dairy, eat a Vegan diet or just don't like vanilla, we have our coconut Vegan mix ready to roll instead. No matter what your preferences are, we've got you covered so the whole family can get involved and try Pan-n-Ice ice cream rolls!
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Individual pouches of delicious coconut ice cream mix!


How To Use

Place chosen ingredients in the middle of the ice roll plate and pour 50ml/1.7 fl oz of Pan-n-Ice mix in a circle around the ingredients

Chop and mix the ingredients of your rolled ice cream recipe together until the texture is thick and smooth with no big lumps

Evenly spread the combined mix across the plate

Once the mix looks dry and frozen (not wet), start at one end and use the spatula to carefully roll forward into ice cream rolls

Enjoy delicious ice cream rolls

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